Tyk API Gateway and API Management
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Tyk Open Source API Gateway

Tyk is an open source API Gateway that is fast, scalable and modern. Out of the box, Tyk offers an API Management Platform with an API Gateway, API Analytics, Developer Portal and API Management Dashboard.

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Tyk Open Source API Gateway

Tyk Open Source API Gateway

Tyk is an open source API Gateway, that puts you in control of API Management. Tyk offers an API Gateway, simple to use API Management Dashboard, API analytics and developer portal.

Tyk can be installed on-premises, purchased as a cloud service, or as a hybrid (multi-cloud) for the best of both worlds.

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API Developer Portal

API Developer Portal

With self-service API documentation using Swagger or API Blueprint, developers can learn, self-enrol and view their personal usage analytics for your services.

Let your developers, and your community, become self-sufficient and drive adoption of your APIs with Tyk.

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High Performance Open Source API Gateway

High Performance Open Source API Gateway

Under load, doing full key validation, security checks, quota management, and analytics gathering, installed on a 2-core, 2GB, $20p/m virtual server, Tyk Open Source API Gateway can handle ~2,000 requests per second with sub 85ms latency.

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Free API Management

Free API Management

Tyk has widened access to API Management with Open Source and Free Licenced options:

The Tyk Open Source API Gateway has no restrictions and is Open Source in the truest sense of the world.
Tyk Dashboard and portal is free for developers, nothing is missing, you have the full-fat product ready for non-commercial use.

If you work at omni-mega-global-corp and need a commercial EULA, charges will apply!


SaaS, On Premises, or Hybrid?


API Gateways require low latency, scalability, performance and reliability whilst minimising your total cost of ownership.

We've designed the Tyk Platform to work for your services, your team and your budget.

From completely isolated, on-premise installations, to SaaS and Hybrid deployments, we have API Gateway options that match your needs.


Tyk Cloud

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All the power and flexibility of Tyk Open Source API Gateway, with the entire infrastructure managed by the Tyk Technologies team.

Tyk Cloud is the fastest and easiest way to get started with the Tyk Open Source API Gateway.

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Tyk Multi Cloud

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Now you can deploy the Tyk Open Source API Gateway across multiple clouds, AWS, Google, Heroku, your own DC's... with the Tyk Management layer managing everything for you in the cloud.

Tyk Multi-Cloud is the fastest and easiest way to build global API infrastructure.

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Tyk On-Premises




Our Open Source API Gateways and our Full Life Cycle Management API dashboard, portal and analytics can all be installed on your own servers.

Tyk On-Premises delivers unparalleled performance, security and flexibility and is the choice of hundreds of large Enterprises.

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Tyk Enterprise


Used by some of the worlds largest brands, Tyk offers Enterprise clients a range of products and services to extend the power of Tyk Open Source API Gateway.

24/7 Support SLAs to provide immediate support, on demand. Onboarding and training programmes to upskill teams and multi-data centre deployments.

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Detailed Monitoring and Analytics

Tyk Open Source API Gateway records detailed analytics about how your APIs are being used, view hourly data that can be easily segmented, track upstream latency and chart it for each API you are managing.

API Developer Portal

Publish your managed APIs to your customisable, mobile-enabled API portal and let developers manage their own keys, sign up and enroll to your APIs, with a flexible workflow and developer analytics.

API Documentation

Publish your API Documentation to your portal using Swagger or API Blueprint, let users interact with your API using Swagger UI’s sandbox right from your portal.

Developer Onboarding

Let developers manage their own keys, sign up and enroll to your APIs, with a flexible workflow.

Quotas and Rate Limiting

Set rate limiting, request throttling, and auto-renewing request quotas to manage how your users access your API via the Open Source API Gateway.


Tyk Open Source API Gateway supports access tokens, HMAC request signing, JSON Web tokens, OpenID Connect, basic auth, LDAP, Social OAuth (e.g. GPlus, Twitter, Github) and legacy Basic Authentication providers.

Mock out APIs

Use our API controls to mock out API versions before release. Import API Blueprints from Apiary or Swagger to make it easier than ever to start with Tyk.

Notifications and Events

Use our event system to hook into existing infrastructure and get up-to-the-minute notifications when key events happen on your services, APIs, portals or developers.

On-the-fly Transforms

Inject proprietary headers and transform inbound and outbound request data using our simple template and middleware system.

Microservice Focus

Circuit breakers, hard timeouts, service discovery and load balancing, all designed to integrate your microservices.

Virtual Endpoints

Create AWS Lambda-style programatic endpoints in JavaScript to orchestrate service responses.

API Sharding

Split APIs across clusters and data centers with Tyk’s flexible tagging and segmentation features.

Service Discovery

Use Tyk with Consul, Etcd, Eureka and many others to enable auto-configuring, self-healing APIs.

and more...

Take a look at our comprehensive documentation, or contact the team at Tyk to learn about all of the features the Tyk Professional API Management platform offers.