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Dashboard not showing any analytics data


The user is unable to see analytics data from a particular time period in the Dashboard


There are a number of reasons, most commonly this a result of the browser storing cached data relating to the Dashboard statistics.


The user could try the following:

  1. Cache issue: Restart the dashboard process
  2. Check if you received any data by running the following query, e.g. get data from yesterday to today where “2016-09-26T23:59:00Z” should be yesterdays date:

    db.getCollection('tyk_analytics_aggregates').find({timestamp: {$gte: new ISODate(“2016-09-26T23:59:00Z"")}})

If, at this point, it is possible to see any data, then user should try setting enforce_org_data_age to false in their tyk.conf file which will stop the system from enforcing a data age on their analytics. Once the config change has been put in place, the user should see the value of that ExpireAt field change.

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