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The Elasticsearch pump configuration looks like this:

"elasticsearch": {
        "name": "elasticsearch",
        "meta": {
            "index_name": "tyk_analytics",
            "elasticsearch_url": "localhost:9200",
            "enable_sniffing": false,
            "document_type": "tyk_analytics",
            "rolling_index": false
  • index_name: The name of the index that all the analytics data will be placed in. Defaults to tyk_analytics.
  • elasticsearch_url: If sniffing is disabled, the URL that all data will be sent to. Defaults to http://localhost:9200.
  • enable_sniffing: If sniffing is enabled, the elasticsearch_url will be used to make a request to get a list of all the nodes in the cluster, the returned addresses will then be used. Defaults to false.
  • document_type: The type of the document that is created in Elasticsearch. Defaults to tyk_analytics.