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Add a webhook with the dashboard

To add a webhook to an event with the dashboard is very simple, it requires two steps: The first is to create the webhook and then to add it to an API configuration.

Webhooks can be re-used, and so are named entities in a dashboard setup.

Step 1: Create a webhook

First, browse to the webhooks section of your dashboard:

Webhooks menu item

Next we need to select the option to add a webhook to the system, click the Add Web Hook button:

Add web hook button

Step 2: Set up your webhook target

Now that you are adding a webhook, tell Tyk how and where to send the request. You can include custom headers to ensure that the webhook comes from a Tyk instance:

Add webhook form

Once you have added the webhook, remember to save it.

Step 3: Go to advanced options

Browse to your API that you wish to have event enabled, and visit its API editor, then select Advanced Options:

Advanced options tab

Step 4: Add webhook to API

Scroll down until you see the Webhooks panel:

Webhook form

Here you will be able to select the event to fire on and what webhook to use for the event. Since you can re-use webhooks, simply select the notification target from the drop down, and how often to leave between webhook notifications (cooldown).