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Circuit Breakers Overview

Tyk has a built-in circuit breaker pattern as a path-based option. Our circuit breaker is threshold-based, so if x% of requests are failing then the circuit is tripped. When the circuit is tripped, the gateway stops all inbound requests to that service for a pre-defined period of time (a recovery time-period).

The circuit breaker will also emit an event which you can hook into to perform some corrective or logging action.

Circuit breakers use a threshhold-breaker pattern, so out of sample size x if y% of requests fail, the breaker will trip. When the breaker trips, the service is taken offline for the return_to_service_after period and an event is triggered.

The circuit breaker works across hosts (i.e. if you have multiple targets for an API, the sample is across all upstream requests).

Circuit breakers are individual on a single host, they do not centralise or pool back-end data, this is for speed purposes. This means that in a load balanced environment where multiple Tyk nodes are used, some traffic can spill through as other nodes reach the sampling rate limit.


When a circuit breaker trips, it will fire a BreakerTriggered event which you can define actions for in the event_handlers section (see the event handlers section of the documentations for more information on this feature):

event_handlers: {
    events: {
        BreakerTriggered: [
                handler_name: "eh_web_hook_handler",
                handler_meta: {
                    method: "POST",
                    target_path: "http://posttestserver.com/post.php?dir=tyk-breaker",
                    template_path: "templates/breaker_webhook.json",
                    header_map: {
                        "X-Tyk-Test-Header": "Tyk v1.BANANA"
                    event_timeout: 10

The status codes returned to the template are:

// BreakerTripped is sent when a breaker trips
BreakerTripped = 0

// BreakerReset is sent when a breaker resets
BreakerReset = 1

Note: If you are using the service discovery module, every time the breaker trips, Tyk will attempt to refresh the node list.