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Concept: Key Hashing

Tyk stores all API Tokens and their equivalent Session Objects in Redis DB. Because of this, Tyk will, by default, obfuscate the tokens in Redis using a key hash.

To find a balance between performance and security, the current algorithm used by Tyk to do the hashing is murmur3, and serves more to obfuscate than to cryptographically secure the tokens.

It is possible to disable key hashing in Tyk using a configuration setting in the tyk.conf file (and the tyk_analytics.conf file) called hash_keys.

A hashed installation imposes some constraints on how Tyk is used:

  • Listing tokens is not possible
  • Tokens appear in Analytics in their hashed form
  • Amending raw tokens requires knowledge of their hashed representation

Warning: Switching from a hashed installation to non-hashed means all existing tokens cannot be used (they will not be correctly validated).