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Quotas: With GUI

How to apply a quota via the Dashboard

  1. Visit the key creation screen by browsing to “System Management” -> “Keys” -> “Add Key”.
  2. Ensure the new key has access to the APIs you wish it work with by selecting the API from the “Access Rights” -> “Add Access Rule” and clicking the “add” button.
  3. Under the “Usage Quotas” section of the page, “Max Quota” – this is the maximum number of requests that are allowed to pass through the proxy during the period.
  4. Set the “Quota resets every” drop down to the period you would like the quota to be active for. If the pre-sets do not meet your requirements, the quota period can be set using the session object method and the REST API.

    Tyk API Gateway Quotas

  5. Save the token, it will be created instantly.