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Tutorial: Create an API Token Without GUI (Cloud)

To create an API Key, we will need the API ID that we wish to grant the key access to. Creating the Key is then a very simple API call to the endpoint.

You will also need your own API Key, to get these values:

  1. Select “Users” from the “System Management” section.
  2. In the users list, click “Edit” for your user.
  3. The API key is labelled “Tyk Dashboard API Access Credentials”, copy this somewhere you can reference it. API key location
  4. Select “APIs” from the “System Management” section.
  5. Copy the relevant API ID for your API name, and save this somewhere for reference too.

API ID location

Once you have these values, you can use them to access the dashboard API, the below curl command will generate a token for one of your APIs:

curl -X POST -H "authorization: 1238b7e0e2ff4c2957321724409ee2eb" 
 -H "Content-Type: application/json" 
 -d '{
    "allowance": 1000,
    "rate": 1000,
    "per": 1,
    "expires": -1,
    "quota_max": -1,
    "quota_renews": 1449051461,
    "quota_remaining": -1,
    "quota_renewal_rate": 60,
    "access_rights": {
        "ad5004d961a147d4649fd3216694ebe2": {
            "api_id": "ad5004d961a147d4649fd3216694ebe2",
            "api_name": "test-api",
            "versions": ["Default"]
    "meta_data": {}
 }' http://admin.cloud.tyk.io/api/keys | python -mjson.tool

You will see a response with your new token:

    "action": "create",
    "key": "c2cb92a78f944e9a46de793fe28e847e",
    "status": "ok"

The value returned in the key parameter of the response is the access token you can now use to access the API that was specified in the access_rights section of the call.