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Tutorial: Tyk portal: Update a developers access level

A common requirement when managing developers in the API developer portal is to upgrade or downgrade their access level depending on their billing rate or subscription level.

This guide will show you step-by-step how to upgrade a developers access in the developer portal:

Step 1: View the developer profile

Browse to the developers list view and select the developer that you wish to manage.

Developer profile detail

Step 2: Scroll down to their subscriptions list

This sections shows you the current policy that the developer has access to, this view will always try to match the access level to a catalogue entry, if the policy assigned to a developer is not in the catalogue, the entry will read “(No Catalogue Entry)”. We recommend that all policy levels are in your catalogue, even if they are not all live.

Step 3: Select the “Change Policy” button

This will open a pop-up window that shows you all available policies that can be assigned to the token for the end user.

Change policy button

Step 4: Select the new policy

Change policy drop down list

Step 5: Save the change

The change is instant and the token will be updated with the new policy as soon as you have made the change.

Change key policy button location