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The monitor section is useful if you wish to enforce a global trigger limit on organisation and user quotas. This feature will trigger a webhook event to fire when specific triggers are reached. Triggers can be global (set in the node), by organisation (set in the organisation session object) or by key (set in the key session object).

While Organisation-level and Key-level triggers can be tiered (e.g. trigger at 10%, trigger at 20%, trigger at 80%), in the node-level configuration only a global value can be set. If a global value and specific trigger level are the same the trigger will only fire once:

"monitor": {
    "enable_trigger_monitors": true,
    "configuration": {
        "method": "POST",
        "target_path": "http://domain.com/notify/quota-trigger",
        "template_path": "templates/monitor_template.json",
        "header_map": {
            "some-secret": "89787855"
        "event_timeout": 10
    "global_trigger_limit": 80.0,
    "monitor_user_keys": false,
    "monitor_org_keys": true