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What is Tyk Hybrid?

Hybrid deployment is a feature unique to Tyk and Tyk Cloud, it enables you to run a Tyk API Gateway locally, within your own infrastructure, behind your own load balancers and alongside your existing application stack without having to expose your systems to the wider Internet.

It also means that your traffic will flow directly to your applications instead of via Tyk Cloud’s infrastructure, improving overall request latency and restoring control to your team.

Tyk Hybrid Gateways are the same technology that powers the Tyk On-Premises versions without the overhead. The Tyk Hybrid Gateway caches token data and API configuration data locally to minimise calls to our cloud and to ensure that as much processing and activity happens near the source of your traffic and responses as possible.

In order to do this, Tyk Hybrid Gateways use a compressed RPC channel back to our cloud to handle data transfer, and it is designed to be as robust as possible against failure of our cloud environment (that means, even if our cloud infrastructure goes down, you local gateways will continue to operate, even if you need to restart your whole cluster).

Getting Started

To get started with Tyk Hybrid, follow our tutorial to create an account.