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Admin API: Export

To make Tyk installations more portable, the Export API enables you to export key configuration objects required to back-up and re-deploy a basic Tyk Pro installation.

To enable this feature, the minimum required versions for the Gateway and Dashboard are v2.3 and v1.3.1.2, respectively.

Export Organisations

The organisation object is the most fundamental object in a Tyk setup, all other ownership properties hang off the relationship between an organisation and its APIs, Policies and API Tokens.

Property Description
Resource URL /admin/organisations/{ORG-ID}
Method GET
Type None
Body None
Param None
Sample Request
GET /admin/organisations/54bd0ad9ff4329b88985aafb HTTP/1.1
Host: localhost:3000
admin-auth: 12345
Sample Response
    "id": "53ac07777cbb8c2d53000002",
    "owner_name": "Test",
    "owner_slug": "test",
    "cname_enabled": true,
    "cname": "my.domain.com",
    "apis": [{
        "api_human_name": "API 2",
        "api_id": "5fa2db834e07444f760b7ceb314209fb"
    }, {
        "api_human_name": "API 1",
        "api_id": "7a6ddeca9244448a4233866938a0d6e2"
    }, {
        "api_human_name": "API 3",
        "api_id": "109eacaa50b24b64651a1d4dce8ec385"
    "developer_quota": 123,
    "developer_count": 21,
    "event_options": {
        "key_event": {
            "webhook": "",
            "email": "",
            "redis": true
        "key_request_event": {
            "webhook": "",
            "email": "",
            "redis": false
    "hybrid_enabled": false,
    "ui": {
        "languages": {},
        "hide_help": false,
        "default_lang": "",
        "login_page": {},
        "nav": {},
        "uptime": {},
        "portal_section": {},
        "designer": {},
        "dont_show_admin_sockets": false,
        "dont_allow_license_management": false,
        "dont_allow_license_management_view": false

Export APIs and Policies

To export APIs and Policies you should use the standard GET APIS endpoint and GET POLICIES list endpoints. The output from these endpoints can be used by the import API.