Tyk API Gateway and API Management
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Proof of Concept Licence


Developers can use Tyk to PoC for Free. Get a fully functioning, non-commercial use, Tyk stack:

  • Tyk API Management Dashboard & Analytics
  • Manage a single Tyk API Gateway node
  • Full featured software, no features removed

The Free license is valid for managing 1 Tyk node for PoC purposes only. However, this licence doesn’t include support or patch notifications, for which we recommend an affordable production licence.



How do I add the license?

Ensure you are logged out of your dashboard, you should see a license reminder screen – simply cut and paste the license into the form field and the dashboard will unlock.

What if I want support?

We’d recommend purchasing a production licence, as the PoC licence does not include technical support.

All production licences include a commercial EULA, comprising technical support, patch notifications, etc.

Can I use this FREE software in production?

No, you can’t. If you intend to use Tyk in production, we recommend a production licence. Starting from only $9,000 per annum, with added capacity and capability, you get full access to our helpdesk for support and patch notifications, etc.